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SME Connect is a digital event executed inside the IEF Mobile App. It provides service to seafarers, OFWs and interested Filipinos who are seeking business investment opportunities in the Philippines.

It is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a trainings and events entity.

SME Connect complies fully with the limitations of its SEC registration, hence, IEF, Inc., through SME connect and IEF Mobile App, will not be receiving, managing or disbursing any investment transactions. Any investment deal will be done at the discretion of the transacting parties — investor and investee.

Changes as to IEF, Inc.ʼs SEC license will be published here.

Our vision is to bring Filipinos back to wealthier homes.

We aim to provide opportunities to the Maritime and OFW sector in owning a business in the Philippines while they focus on their career and profession out of the country.

SME Connect provides a gateway for these Filipinos to get connected with viable SMEs for business investment transactions/deals.

This will result to capital funding for the SME that may generate wealth for the business owners. Moreso, our company values further positive impact such as investment stimulated profitability, expected to provide creation of more employment, contribution to higher taxes and business ability to make donations and charitable projects. - IEF, Inc. and its projects exist to impact nation building.

Today, joining SME Connect can get you connected with Filipinos able to provide business funding for business expansion and growth.

SME Connect is expected to offer more programs, services and support for the SMEs. Stay tuned for announcements.

SME Connect charges no upfront fee and hidden charges. The company earns through subscription fees from the aspiring business investors.

SME connectʼs minimum requirement is SEC registration, BIR 2303, a pitch video, and company logo.

Continuously visit your access (yes, you have a customized access free of charge), to know if you have inquiries from investors. Stay tuned for SME Connect enhancement and further development.

SME Connect cannot get itself involved with the fund processing of the transacting parties. The investor and the investee shall decide as to their own preference.

To date, IEF Mobile App and Web App provide access, guides and tools for convenience and enhanced protection and security.

Information indicated on the profile will be made available to “paying subscribers”, any other information to be furnished and published shall not be made available to anyone without due consent.

Investors and Filipino citizens are mostly interested in having a business stake and ownership, such as seafarers and OFWs, but have very limited time to conduct business in the Philippines.

These locals are looking at business investment as a leverage to own a business less the time requirement for a full time entrepreneur.

Every business must follow its own authorized capital stock for issuance purposes. Itʼs the SMEʼs responsibility to comply with its own business limitations and registration.

This will be an off app transaction, to-date, we encourage the usage of the process guides embedded in the technology. Itʼs a way for IEF to provide additional support to all parties.

Any transaction completely done off app will be beyond the knowledge of the company and will not provide any trigger for follow through support.


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