Scam Avoidance and Detection
New Uploaded Jul 09,2020

Discover the dark reality of SCAMS and learn how to avoid them immediately

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About the Module

In a third world country like the Philippines, thrives professional SCAMMERS who do not target the rich and the famous but normally preys on ordinary Filipinos who have the eagerness to be financially well off but lacks sufficient experience and expertise in various fields of investment. SCAMMERS normally prey on Filipino OFWs and Seafarers due to their eagerness to find opportunity that will sustain them upon reintegrating to the Philippines. These scammers are often prepared and expert on their field of convincing people towards fraud. This module is created to bring forth awareness to every subscriber while providing insights to steer away immediately from the dangerous threat of it!

Inside the Module

The Con Plot Part 1

Learn the tricky and dangerous preparation and play of Con Artists.


The Con Plot Part 2

How to bust and burst con artists before they harm you and your family.


The Ponzi Scheme Part 1

Learn how Ponzi Scheme works and how the dangerous impact it causes.


The Ponzi Scheme Part 2

How to bust and burst Ponzi schemers and never allow them to penetrate your community.


The Pyramid Scheme

How to spot pyramid scheme existing around you.


What you'll learn
Discover how different SCAMs work and what they do to attack their prey

Learn how to avoid and expose SCAMMERs through the use of accounting method on your own

Gain knowledge enough to spot early signs of SCAM