The Winning Business Game (Part 1)
New Uploaded Jul 09,2020

How can someone start a business right, from the perspective of Finance?

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About the Module

This first installment provides strategies that compressed long and complex courses into a short, yet comprehensive discussion, to provide sufficient learning to individuals who want to start a business but do not have sufficient time to pursue related trainings and courses. This focuses on helping business aspirants and business owners to run the business as an OWNER and never as a high-level employee.

Inside the Module

Winning the Business Game Part 1

Is there a system that will guide aspiring business owners to begin a business even in the absence of official business courses?


Winning the Business Game Part 2

How to prepare Cash Flow Projection.


What you'll learn
Discover the importance of business projection

Learn how to prepare business projection the quick way

Gain insights on how to manage a business based on business numbers – even if you have no accounting or finance background