Business Agreement
New Uploaded Jul 09,2020

Mga karapatan at obligasyon sa pakikipagsosyo sa negosyo.

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About the Module

Collaborating with business partners is a key leverage to starting off with good funds and network connections. Unfortunately, partnership commitment is bound by high level of commitment that can lead to broken relationship, money loss, trust issues and even court cases when not managed well. This module provides key points before entering into an agreement to preserve relationship, protect one’s investment and make a business grow through strong business partnership.

Inside the Module

Business Agreement

Kung gusto mo daw makapag invest o magkaroon ng negosyong panalo hanggang dulo, find the best partners! How can one actually find the right business partners?


Understanding and Negotiating Your Terms of Business Agreement (Part 1)

Avoid the blame game within the circle of business partners and understand how to protect ones invested capital.


Understanding and Negotiating Your Terms of Business Agreement (Part 2)

Second installment of understanding and negotiating terms in business partnership is about more matters to consider BEFORE making deals with ANY business partner.


What you'll learn
Avoid the traumatizing experience of breaking relationship due to business.

Understand your specific roles and responsibilities to be an effective business partner

Learn the signs and warnings of business partnership “misfit”

Reduce confusions and misaligned expectations between business partners