How He Won Over 2 Million Pesos of Credit Card Debt

Jeric Cornejo ay isa sa mga di kilalang pangalan sa mundo ng mga speakers.  Perhaps because he did not intend to grow big. All He ever wanted was to share what he had encountered para ma-inspire ang mga taong kagaya niyang nag-struggle din sa credit card.


He was only 23 years old when He started messing up with credit cards. He then grew getting indebted. Hanggang sa taon ang lumipas, umabot na ng milyon ang utang niya.


Paano ba ito lahat nangyari? It was an emotional state that led him there. His story was not extraordinary at all, the credit card debt – the easy way out option.


4 na taon… inabot siya ng 4 na taon para mawala lahat ng utang niya, magmay-ari ng 4 businesses, magkaroon ng condominium at kotse, habang unti-unti niyang naabot ang second highest position in his company. 


Paano niya nagawa lahat ng iyon?!


Here are the things He did to bounce back, higher and stronger:


1. Acceptance of His situation and embrace higher responsibility – THE CHOICE


The first step he did was to choose to accept na gusto niyang matapos na lahat ng kanyang utang.  Hinarap niya lahat ng mga kolektor at nag-request ng long-term small payment terms.


He drew a vision board from his current state and started wanting to get over his situation. Get over and not sweep under the rags!  He definitely want to resolve it. 


He does not want to be a man later on na hindi kayang magloan ng bahay, ng kotse, and not even for a business dahil lang sa mayroon siyang overlapping unpaid debts with accumulated penalties and interests.


He envisioned for great financial freedom.  He started focusing and praying for means and ways to achieve it.


2. Learn, learn, learn – Books, People and Trainings – The Ultimate Self Investment


Initially He spent most of his time reading books and attending free seminars that will give him idea on how He can surpass and hasten his current situation. Ginamit niya ang kanyang oras as his best leverage at nag-invest siya sa learnings and know-hows para sa kanyang sarili.


When finally, He was finishing one credit card at a time, nagstart na siyang mag-investi sa mga pricey trainings/seminars/workshops. And effectively, He learned and at the same time met good, skilled and credible entrepreneurs.


These entrepreneurs, who used to be his coffee-buddies, ay kinalaunang naging business buddies niya at dumami pa ito into more connections giving him more access to different business ventures. He invested on himself knowing that the best thing to invest for prior to NET WORTH is NETWORK.


3. Identify his money-making skills


Alam niya sa sarili niya na hindi sapat ang sinusweldo niya para mabayaran ang lahat ng mga credit card amortizations plus regular monthly expenses niya and so He needed additional Income.


Sa mga nabasa niyang libro, trainings na napuntahan niya, at mga business buddies na nakilala niya, he learned that to make money out of money, He “can” start with making money out of skills first – precisely because it was his skills that He has on hand.


Isa siyang accountant and so He decided to provide bookkeeping services to SMEs at nagtagumpay ito.  He apparently got enough to sustain himself and his amortizations.  It was months of sacrifice living in limited funds and it was indeed a great struggle.  No travel goals, no date goals, not even expensive clothes, just plain living, learning and paying off debt life routine.  At hindi lamang iyon, nagtatrabaho di siya beyond office hours and most of his weekends. 


Not long after being an accountant to SMEs, He realized He’s been resolving problems of his clients in ways more than just taxation.  His experience earned him the title of a “consultant”.


Kahit na naisakripisyo niya halos lahat ng kanyang oras, He fell in love with what He was doing and ended up discovering himself better and a lot of other new things. And true enough, he never felt like working.


4. Take double care of the goose that lays the golden egg – his employment


Alam niyang pag nawalan siya ng trabaho, mas mapupunta siya sa mas malaking problema, and so He decided to outwit and outperform himself.  Nagbasa siya ng mga libro para maging company asset.  His initial intention is to ensure his employer will feel his continuous commitment, focus and accountability even if they find out, at some point, that He has part time work.


Inapply niya lahat ng kanyang natutunan from his consulting job to his own position as an employee, until this paved the way for him to connect to his bosses on an entrepreneur level. 


Before He knew it, being at his best self at work became a habit and eventually climbed the ladder to his corporate job to Assistant General Manager, the second highest employee position in his company.


5. Value integrity


Jeric believed that nothing more will matter than integrity.  He knew that finances can be worked hard for to be paid off, but once integrity is broken, He might never have the face to present the world.


Despite years of living with limited funds and all other struggles He faced, He gained credibility in multiple ways.  He has been known for being committed, responsible and true to his word.


Now, as he started building his name as a serial-preneur and entrepleyado, He has no fear telling his story as He believed He was meant to experience it for one reason… to share and bring courage to people in need.