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IEF is a social enterprise focusing on the societal issue of financial literacy challenge in the Philippine society. As an entity registered in 2015, the company’s mission is to live by its name IGNITE – EMPOWER – FLOURISH.

The company braved a battle against an issue not well prioritized as financial literacy has a lot of already-existing solutions, but still evident to be an existing problem.  Standard and Poors rated the Philippines to be only 25% financially literate.

IEF, Inc. believes contributing to financial literacy of the Filipinos would create a greater positive impact as a byproduct to the entire Philippine community.  Financial Literacy can (1) eradicate SCAM growth; (2) increase the strength of MSME aspirants that would contribute to employment and; (3) create harmonious relationship in every family through understanding objective treatment and management of money.

Through the use of her ACCOUNTING PROFESSION as a leverage, the founder of IEF, Inc., Kristine Marcelo, along with her small team and with very limited funds, started making researches and immersions to understand the result of low financial literacy to Filipino families.  In the end, their attention was focused on the Maritime Sector.

Since the late 2016, IEF Inc. focused specifically on the Maritime Sector, due to the challenge faced by majority of the industry’s retirees.  Majority of maritime retirees were said to end up in poverty, despite earning from 50,000Php to more than 500,000Php a month.

The company’s immersion led to a hypothesis that one of the contributing causes of this issue is INVESTMENT GAMBLING.  Translated in report the hypothesis is as follows 100% of the seafarers believed their next career is business, 100% of the tested population made business investments (either investor or starting up their own), 100% of these experienced financial damages.  Since then, the company has created fifty-two (52) talks with an overall average audience rating of 9.03 out of 10 and was trusted both by private sectors and government sectors alike.

The company started spreading its advocacy through trainings and coaching. Until the company felt there is so much that they can do to empower further the seafarers while increasing the population they can tap. As a result, in 2019, the company made a subtle launching of its TECHNOLOGICALLY DRIVEN SOLUTION, called the IEF APP.

IEF APP is a SAAS created to be a palm-based technology that can bridge the just as a mere training tool but is gap of the seafarers’ financial capacity and financial dream. 

The journey of IEF, Inc. continues and the year 2020 is expected to be the official launching of the IEF APP.



Composed of 28 major events and 24 pocket events, IEF Inc. has garnered an overall rating of 9.03 out of 10; speaker rating of 9.30 out of 10; and topic rating of 9.20 out of 10 with total reported attendees of 8292.



Vision: Bring Filipinos back to wealthier homes

Mission: Ignite, Empower, Flourish is the relevance the company commits to spread with the use of accounting, technology and network support.

Values: Relevance, Integrity and Excellence



IEF team member speak of their work more of “service” than a “career”.  To contribute to a bigger purpose is what keeps the team of IEF, Inc. driven and connected.



The social enterprise that eradicated the lack of financial literacy in the Maritime Sector, releasing the first and most innovative tech solution that empowers every user to becoming a professional wealth manager of their own homes!




Equip Filipino seafarers in strengthening their financial literacy and wealth management and bring them back to wealthier homes!



We are a social enterprise independent from any entities or sectors both private and government.

As a social enterprise, the company intends to generate profit to fund its own advocacy but shall remain as an independent company truthful to its vision and mission.



We encourage the Filipino seafarers to speak up for themselves and take proactive actions to take responsible and wise steps in managing their wealth.



We believe that as we bring influence and beliefs to our seafarers, we take responsible and professional actions to avoid misleading information that may cause damage or harm to them.



The IEF APP initial usage is free of charge to bring forth contents and information under its “advocacy” level.  THE COMPANY DO NOT REQUEST FOR CREDIT CARD OR ANY PAYMENT DETAILS DURING THE USEFREE PERIOD.

Nonetheless, to continue the existence of the company and generate profit for  its advocacy, the app shall bear along a subscription-based usage plus other in-app services, surely created to deliver a higher and even more professional service.


Volunteer Advocates (Advocacy Officers)

IEF Inc., ensures that every advocate, both volunteer and selected, underwent effective selection, filtering and training to uphold the standard requirement of every campaign.


Security and Protection

As trust is given to IEF both digitally and traditionally, any information provided will be guarded and every trust will be placed under controlled and protected environment to ensure no client will experience abuse, neglect or fraud.



Feedback and complaints will be taken seriously by the Company as integrity is a value the company commits to uphold.  To send in complaints, the business may be reached through https://iefapp.ph/contact.

Meet the agile IEFApp.ph team that makes “connection” possible!

Monterosso al Mare

Founder/Chief Executive Officer :
Kristine Marcelo

Monterosso al Mare

Chief Technology Officer :
Ryan Flores

Monterosso al Mare

Chief Web Officer :
Jin Marquez

Monterosso al Mare

Operations :
Aldrian Facun

Monterosso al Mare

Production :
Princess Erica Cruz

Monterosso al Mare

Finance :
Dann Marcelo

Monterosso al Mare

Community Relations Officer :
Paulo Brenson Ferrer

Monterosso al Mare

President and Team Consultant :
Duke Irich Ng

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